November 20, 2018

2018 Holiday Gift Guide- Art Books

Welcome to my gift guide for 2018! I will be sharing some great books and art supplies gift ideas in the next weeks, followed by my picks for this year's favorite products.
Today we are kicking things off with probably my most favorite present to give and receive. Books, of course!
If you're not in the mood to read, just check out my video for all the information and my picks, OR go to my Amazon store and get a quick glimpse of all my picks-

Let's get started!
I have to start with one of my favorite watercolor artists-  Jean Haines. Jean has several books, her style is loose, fluid and atmospheric. She uses color and texture in such inventive and inspirational ways. I have learned a lot from her and continue to be inspired every time I open one of her books. The 4 that I have are all similar in their content (all excellent!), I am listing them here in my order of preference, but they are all great picks.

1. Atmospheric Watercolours-

2. Colour & Light in Watercolour

3. World of Watercolour

4. Paint Yourself Calm
This my least favorite of the bunch, as I feel it has less techniques in it, and focuses more on the concept of playing with watercolors for therapuetic reasons. While I definitely agree with that effect of watercolors, I buy art books for techniques and inspiration, which I found more of in the other 3 books. This is just my personal preference, if this concept speaks to you, you will enjoy this book.

Next up 2 books on color theory. Both excellent. If I had to pick one I'd pick Color Choices by Stephen Quiller, as I found it much easier to follow. Making Colour Sing is a wonderful book as well, but one that needs time and focus, which in my busy toddler controlled world, is not always possible.

5. Color Choices- Making Color Sense out of Color Theory

6. Making Color Sing

The next 2 books are my idea of eye candy. Flip through them and get that joy of seeing beautiful whimsical art. Follow the tutorials and try not to get too frustrated ;)

7. Fabulous Figures

8. The Art of Creative Watercolor

Next up my wild card. For the edgy teen or person in your life, this artist's style is modern and graphic. A great pick for lovers of sketching and watercolors.

9. Urban Watercolor Sketching

Next is a book with a unique format. I recommend watching my YouTube video or follow the link (click the photo) and see for yourself. I hope she will come out with more of these!

10.  Watercolor With Me In The Forest-

Last but not least in unfortunately only available in German at the moment, I think it is still enjoyable and easy to follow also if you do not speak German, but you make your own decision :)

11. Florales Watercolor-

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