June 28, 2013


Lately I might have been shopping a little bit more than creating. Well, a lot more. I have a huge and very important exam next week, and I was only notified about it a couple of weeks ago. It can determine my professional future here in Austria. So I've had to dive back in my medicine books, and, well, it's not easy.
But this is my happy place, so enough about that for now. If next Wednesday you have a moment, keep your fingers crossed for me:)
Point is, I haven't had any time for scrapbooking, but might have stolen some moments to do some shopping.
I bought some super cute washi on Etsy at this store. It arrived pretty fast from Hong Kong, and I also got a gift washi roll (cute orange yellow polka dot with pink hearts) and some cute stickers (shown in the pic)!  If you like washi check out that store, I might have already seen a few more favorites...

I don't do Project Life. Or so I thought, until I saw the new kits. I guess what I mean is that I don't do traditional PL. I really like pretty much all the kits, but they are sooo huge, that I didn't want to just buy one without being sure I could use it. And then a special project arrived. My mom gave me a bunch of pictures from pretty much the last 60 years. I didn't know how to approach this, and somehow felt that I didn't want to do my regular 12*12 pages. My supplies are completely not right for those old style papers, and mostly I wanted to get it in an album, and have room to add as much journaling as needed.
Hello Cinnamon edition.
Of all the core kits, I think it's the furthest one from my usual style and taste. It's warm, romantic, nostalgic, with subdued hues. Which made it perfect for the photos I had.
I was also pleasantly surprised to see that it had a lot of modern elements, that worked well with more current photos. Here's a few shots of the kit:

Now take a look how well it works with older photos (that baby might be me:))-

If you have old photos, the Cinnamon core kit is a great option. You can find a picture of the different cards here, at Kerri Bradford's (who designed the kit) web page.
If like me, you have lots of odd-sized pictures, I suggest buying the extra 4*6 cards.
And for myself I bought the midnight kit. Because it's amazing, and timeless. I'm in love.

Have a great weekend!

June 23, 2013


This page was really quick and simple, I used mostly items from Studio Calico's February's kits, I really liked that color scheme. I used 2 4*6 landscape pictures of my daughter, after she had that butterfly painted on her face. She was quite ambiguous about it, but eventually got the nerve to do it (sitting on her dad's lap). After it was done she loved it, and still talks about it, even though it was already a year ago.
Here's the finished layout-

I matted everything with vellum, it's very subtle, but still adds detail to the page. I like this simple design, dividing the page into two parts, one with the photos and the other with the title and journaling. I did use a couple of things from my stash, like those cameras (that I stamped on), and those Pink Paislee hearts (I might have stocked up on those when they were on sale at 2peas, and some stars, and some butterflies... they are just so versatile!). I think those particular ones might have been phased out a couple of months ago, but Pink Paislee has some similar items in newer lines.

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June 21, 2013


Last month my husband and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. We had a really nice day together (it was a national holiday here in Austria, no work, no kindergarten). I normally take pictures of everything and everyone, but somehow couldn't get a picture of the both of us on that particular day. And using a picture from another day would be like cheating. kinda:) But I did have a picture of our daughter, going through our wedding album. I thought that would be a great photo to use.
So here's my finished layout:

The patterned papers I used are all from Studio Calico's Planetarium kit (I got the paper add-on as well). I love this color scheme, grays and blues, it's just so calming and I think it fits pictures from more formal occasions beautifully. I really want to scrapbook my wedding photos, although I made a photo book (the kind you edit on your computer, upload to the company's website, and then the book arrives already printed to you). It was during those sad pre-scrapbooking days... But I have so many other picture to scrapbook, that I really don't see that happening in the near future... But who knows, right? Maybe some new CHA summer 2013 collection will change my mind!
I chose for the layout one picture from our wedding, and the picture of my daughter below it. The 5 (that is also the title) is cut out from one of the patterned papers in the kit.


I wrote some hidden journaling, just about how things changed in these 5 years, but I think the two pictures pretty much tell the story... I attached that piece of ribbon from a previous SC kit, for easy access to the journaling. I added just a few rub-ons from Lucky Charm and Pink Paislee.

I met my husband almost 9 years ago in Sicily. We were both medicine students spending the summer there "working at the local hospital". Leave it to the Italians to make sure your summer is great, the doctors kicked us out after a day or so, and told us to go to the beach. So we did. For the whole month. Except when we were traveling around exploring Sicily. That island has the best ice cream I've ever had. After a month we went back to our regular lives, in Austria (him) and in Israel (me). After two years in a long distance relationship (thankfully Austria is only a 3 and a half hours flight away) he moved to Israel. We lived there for a few years, but then decided to move to Austria. So many changes, and it all started on a small island in the Mediterranean Sea:) We know we are so lucky to have each other and our lovely daughter. Life is sometimes funny that way.

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June 19, 2013


My last post was about an easy way to use watercolors in my pages. But this time I was a bit braver, and heavily (and heavenly) under the influence. Of Wilna Furstenberg.
My advice for taking watercolors to the next (still easy) level, is this- use one or two main colors, and get some masking fluid. I think the first time I saw masking fluid being used was in Wilna's art class over at 2peas. I love that class and if you like Wilna's style (which is like liking kitties or puppies, how can you not, right?), then her art class is a must (she's also a wonderful teacher). Word is there will be part 2 to that class sometime in Autumn, and I have to say at the moment that's the only reason I'm happy the summer will have to end at some point... And back to watercolors. Masking fluid is a fluid that you put on your paper before applying paint (mine states that it is watercolor masking fluid, but I'm pretty sure you can also use acrylics and, of course, mists with it). It dries relatively fast to a rubber-like material. Then you can paint over it, and when you're done, you just rub it off. The areas that were covered with the masking fluid, will remain without paint. Mine comes in a bottle with a tip (so something similar to the Stickles tubes), but you can also get it in a jar and use a paint brush to apply it. I find the one I have really easy to use, no need for brushes.

 I used watercolor paper (I found at my local art supplies store a square watercolor paper block, just a little under 12*12, so really perfect for scrapbooking!), and drew some random clouds, some circles and a frame. Then I painted it orange and pink, I did use a couple of shades from each color, but kept it simple with just those two colors.

 That was pretty much it for the painting part. The rest was just embellishing. And I used quite a lot of embellishments on this layout. Much more than I usually use, but there was no patterned paper, so... I matted the photo on some vellum. I used embellishments from a few collections, Lucky Charm, Yes Please, puffy stickers from American Crafts, a bit MME and Jenni Bowlin, enamel dots, rub-ons... It was just a really fun page to make.

I matted the watercolor paper on some white cardstock, and here's the finished layout:

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June 17, 2013


It seems that watercolors are everywhere at the moment, and I couldn't be happier. I looove the look of them, and I think using them on my scrapbook pages adds so much. So here's a good way to start incorporating watercolors to your pages. Use them as an embellishment.
I use some inexpensive watercolor palettes that I bought at some local office supplies store. I couldn't believe it when I found a lovely pearly palette for 3 euros!

I colored some paper, without anything specific in mind, just putting the paint on, and seeing how the colors look and experimenting with them. After filling the whole page with color, I took a couple of punches and just punched the whole thing, paying attention that I punch out the best looking parts. It's a great way to start using watercolors on your page, because instead of coloring a whole background, and then worrying about messing it up, you can just use the areas you like.
And that's what I ended up with:

Here's my finished page:

I took that photo right after we put the flower pots on our balcony, and the journaling is just about how this is our first spring in our new house (the house is not new, but new to us). Last year we moved in in the middle of the summer, and had more important things to do (like finishing the kitchen and the bedrooms and the bathrooms...) than planting flowers. And while the work in the house is not completely finished, we had to get some flowers this spring. It just makes everything look prettier and homier (is that a word??).

 Everything is very simple here, I picked some of the punched out shapes and then added chipboard pieces from the Neutrals Trinket Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm Thicker Phrases. Super simple. This is a great way to stretch your supplies, cardstock and watercolor paper are inexpensive. And as usual lately, I used some 6*6 papers from Crate Paper.
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June 15, 2013


I really love this page from Wilna over at 2peas, and since I just bought a few items from the new Crate Paper collection- The Pier,  I wanted to put it on paper right away.  I love how Wilna  used two frames, one in/on the other, and then that pinwheel in the middle. I did buy a few of the 12*12 sheets from The Pier, but somehow these days I find the 6*6 pads much easier to use. I tend not to cut them at all, which is nice and leaves me with no scraps (the scraps are taking over my space and I don't like it...). And also, I only buy 12*12 papers that I really love, which makes them somehow a bit harder to cut and cover. With the 6*6 papers I rarely have that problem. There are always papers in the pack that I like just a little bit less (though in the last couple of Crate Paper lines they're getting fewer and fewer!), so I can easily use them to create a richer, more layered look, but still let my absolute favorites take center stage (after the photos, of course!). Anyway, here's my finished page:

I'm having a bit trouble with titles lately. I don't own a lot of letter stickers, because the ones I like (Thickers) are quite pricey, and somehow they end up out of my shopping bag. The ones I do own and love are down to the very unusable letters... Many times I'm just too lazy or in too much of a hurry to cut my title on the Silhouette. And with the Silhouette the result is not as dimensional as with using Thickers. So here I used a phrase sticker and a piece of chipboard as the mini-titles, and I'm OK with that. I have more photos from the day, so I plan to have more layouts with more journaling. This one just highlights my favorite photo from that day, and I really like the feeling of the page, airy and delicate.

I used some white crepe paper (from my LCS, costs nothing for a huge roll and great for layering) between my background (white cardstock) and the patterned papers (all from the 6*6 pad). The rest is mostly from the different embellishments from The Pier line. Those arrow/chevron stickers are Studio Calico, and that cute blue heart is from Amy Tangerine.

Now here's something I learned about rub-ons. I admit that since my childhood I haven't used those, but last month I bought a couple of packages, and the one used in this page is one of the She Art Rub Ons. Well, I only used it in the first place because I got some paint in that corner under the FUN TIMES chipboard piece. But I did not cut the part I wanted to use, instead I lay the whole thing on my page and attempted to rub on the part I wanted. Well, turns out that the whole thing just got immediately stuck to the photo. I don't mind how it turned out, I actually think it really fits the whole feel here, but I was really lucky the black parts from the Rub On sheet didn't. So lesson learned- always cut out the part you want to use from the whole Rub On sheet.
Finishing touches were added with some sequins and splatters, and some tiny doodles with the clear star Jelly Roll pen.
So if you have some summer/beach photos waiting to be scrapped, or planning some scrapbooking supplies shopping for this summer's activities, check out The Pier collection from Crate, it's just beautiful.
thanks for visiting and have a scrappy weekend!

June 13, 2013


One day I will finish my stash of the Neapolitan collection, but not today:)  I'm still really enjoying using it, since it's such a lovely line. I'm also scrapbooking mostly family pictures (and almost all of them with my daughter) lately, so it's quite easy to use this pretty feminine line.

I love that tan polka dot paper, and have used it more than once as my background, it's subtle and goes well with a lot of papers and colors. Everything else is also from the Neapolitan collection, and I added some grey and white twine and some grayish brown brads that really fit that color scheme.
The journaling is just about Ella, and how she knows what she likes, even though she's so young, be it what to wear or how to wear her hair (she's usually into the "natural" look, or as we call it -Jungle kid style). Sometimes we can get her to agree to our ideas (like here with her father's hairstyling lol), but most of the time we let her decide. I can only admire her independence and individuality.  

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June 11, 2013


את העמוד הזה הכנתי לפי אתגר הכלניות בבלוג יוצאות מהקווים

ומסתבר... שזה באמת היה אתגר. גיליתי שאין לי כמעט שום דבר אדום. שילוב הצבעים הזה מאוד לא אופיני לי, אבל חשבתי שיהיה נחמד לנסות, בעיקר כי השבוע נחתו על שולחני שני פריטים מהאוסף החדש של "אמריקן קראפטס"- מייברי. הייתי מאוד צפויה ובחרתי בתמונות של הקטנה בטבע. לקחתי שלושה ניירות מדוגמים מאותו האוסף ותפרתי להם "מסגרת", כדי להוסיף קצת עניין. רציתי מראה של ככה-הניירות-נפלו-על-הרקע-בעצמם. לא יותר מדי מסודר או ישר. הנה התוצאה הסופית:

 קצת מוזר לי לכתוב בעברית, אבל נחמד:)


This is really something I'm getting into at the moment. I see papers that I like, and also actually own, and try to make my own version. I start with something very similar to the original, and then go from there and see what I can come up with. So this time I took this gorgeous Maggie Holmes paper as my chosen background:

And can I just say- I love Crate Paper! Their last few collections have been really beautiful, and the newest one, The Pier, has got to be one of my favorite collections ever. And another thing about Crate, they have some really unique embellishments, like these Maggie Holmes Rhinestone and Resin Flower Clips:

 Here's my finished layout:

 I used only one photo, because that was the only one I had, and even to get that one I had to run after Ella, my daughter, and kinda ask her repeatedly to stand still for just a moment (the posing was all her though, the hair style is all daddy!), so mommy could take that cool picture with the shade. I can be annoying that way... She's usually more accommodating:) There are already some gold splatters printed on the paper, so I went with that and added some more, using Heidi Swapp's gold Color Shine. Behind the photo there are some papers from the cut-apart sheets in the same collection (love that camera!), and a 6*6 paper from the DIY Shop collection, also by Crate Paper. I added some heart shaped wood veneers from Studio Calico, and this lovely clip from the Maggie Holmes collection as a final touch. I cut the title with my Cameo out of American Crafts POW! glitter paper in gold. 

But here it starts to get a bit more creative, or not:) I saw something that worked (meaning the original paper) and copied it with supplies I had. But this way I can make as many papers as I want, and in whichever colors I want. But I started with the closest I could get to the original-

I used some vanilla cardstock (that's just what I had in hand, the other side was some failed attempt at something...), a doily mask and an actual doily, both were in different older Studio Calico kits. I also have some doilies I bought at my regular supermarket, or another option is to cut one with a die cutting machine (there are dozens of doily designs in the Silhouette online store). I used what was easiest at that moment. I chose two pink sprays, I think the Mr. Huey's Pretty Pink is a better match to the original color, but I wanted the background to have a bit more depth, so I used also the Funky Fuchsia Dylusions spray (if you don't know the Dylusions sprays, look for them in YouTube, they are bright as no other spray, and just lovely!). Some more gold ink splatters like the first layout. And here's the finished layout:

 Because I used a lot of spray here, the cardstock got quite warped, so I trimmed it to a slightly smaller square and adhered it to some bright yellow-orange patterned paper. I took that picture of Ella when she was about one year old (I added the date after taking the picture of the layout...), and it was sunset, so everything was pink and red, those are the actual colors, I did not do any editing to this picture. I embellished with some MME chipboard pieces from the new Find Your Wings and Fly collection, as well as some POW! glitter paper in gold flower-like shapes, cut with the cameo. 
Added some pins from an older MME's collection to the top left cluster. I cut the title with the Silhouette and drowned it in gold mist. There was a lot of gold misting pretty much everywhere here...

This picture was taken after I added some journaling and the date (the glare on the right is just the desk lamp, miraculously I managed not to spray the photo with gold, but it wasn't easy:))

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June 9, 2013


I don't know about you, but I have accumulated quite a few of these embellishments. They are versatile, dimensional, and really can be used on just about anything. I love to stamp, color and emboss them.

So I thought I'd use them as a main element on a page, and not just as one of the final touches.
I used a lovely SC pp from the new Atlantic collection as my background paper, and glued all the wood veneers in a vertical strip shape. I started with the larger ones, and then just filled in the empty spaces until I got the look I wanted. Using Distress Paint I dabbed some white on, and a bit pink. I didn't use a lot, so I got this really pretty subtle look, where you can still see the wooden texture. You can use any acrylic paint or ink you have.

Two 4*6 pictures of my daughter just sitting around and eating were added. Because she's so cute there, and I wanted to write a bit about her at the moment. I have a lot of photos of her eating, just because it's the only time (and also then not always) she's sitting still! She's almost 4 years old now, and I think this is such a lovely age! Somewhere between a girl and then sometimes still a baby, I'm really enjoying this age... I guess I'm not such a baby person... Obviously babies are adorable, but it's sooo much more interesting when they start to talk and ask questions, and express their opinions, right? OK, back to scrapbooking now:) I matted the photos with some more pp from the Atlantic collection, and that's all the paper I used for this layout. I really wanted it to be simple and bright.
So here's the finished layout:


 I love those Thickers! I punched some vellum ( from Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm) to use as a base for the embellishment clusters, and used some chipboard pieces from Basic Grey Knee Highs and Bow Ties collection, the Knee Highs Printed Chipboard Shapes, and the Knee Highs Printed Chip Buttons.
Final touches were added with some enamel dots, and American Crafts puffy stickers. This is the first time I've used different colors of enamel dots on a layout (I've seen others do it and it always looks great, but then again, when do enamel dots not look great anyway??), and I love the look!

I hope you're inspired now to use some of those wood veneers you probably have lying around.
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