My Current Watercolor Palette

My watercolor palette is always changing and evloving with my style. But this is where it's at today. I also want to mention I do have another small palette with neutrals and deeper colors, which I use more and more. I will post about that palette too soon.

Here they are in all their glory, my current picks:
I buy most of my watercolors at Jackson's Art Supplies in the UK (affiliate link).

Schmincke Naples Yellow Reddish
Schmincke Naples Yellow
Sennelier Lemon Yellow
Schmincke Pure Yellow
Qor Indian Yellow/ Daniel Smith New Gamboge
Schmincke Vermillion Light
Daniel Smith Pyrrol Red
Daniel Smith Quin. Coral
Daniel Smith Rose Madder Permanent / Schmincke Ruby Red
Schmincke Brilliant Purple
Daniel Smith Rose Of Ultramarine
Schmincke Brilliant Red Violet
Winsor & Newton Cobalt Violet
Daniel Smith Wisteria
Daniel Smith Lavender
Schmincke Ultramarine Violet
Schmincke French Ultramarine Blue
Daniel Smith Cobalt Blue
Old Holland Scheveningen Blue Light
Schmincke Helio Turquoise
Schmincke Cobalt Turquoise
Schmincke Cobalt Green Turquoise/ Daniel Smith Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Designs By Rachel Beth (Etsy)- Country Borage
Sennelier Emerald Green
Schmincke Olive Green Yellowish/ Daniel Smith Green Gold
Sennelier Bright Yellow Green

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