May 30, 2013


Should I even post something so simple? I think I should. Because even though this page is much simpler than how I usually scrapbook, I love it. I love those photos, and I love the whole balance of the finished page.
I did use my Silhouette, which in a way is already not that simple, but if you have a die cutting machine, then this is a really good way to use it, and let those intricate die cuts take center stage on your page.
There's really not a lot to explain here, put 3 4*6 photos on a 12*12 paper (mine are not lined up, and the middle one is glues with some foam adhesive) add some stamping for more interest, and a few sparkly die cuts and that's it!
Here's my finished page:

I used a hot glue gun to adhere the word "love", but if the look of glue bothers you, you can always use spray adhesive or a really small glue pen (like zig2way).

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May 28, 2013


Here's another page I made with my Neapolitan collection leftovers, and a few other bits and pieces from other lines. i love love love vellum, and I love using it with baby photos. It adds this softness to everything. This cute vellum is actually from Lucky charm, the newest Dear Lizzy line. That calender paper is Studio Calico Classic Calico (another line I'm trying to finish, and since it's all neutrals, it's a very easy task), and it's adhered to a pp from the Neapolitan line. I splattered some Heidi Swapp Color shine in Teal and Primrose on the background.

And now let's take a short break to talk about Color Shine. It is gorgeous, and I think I need every color. It comes in a 2 oz. bottle, or 60 ml, and it costs the same as Mr. Huey's, only with twice the amount. I do love the matte look of Mr. Huey, but these shimmery mists are just beautiful, and I think they go amazingly well with baby layouts. Or in my case, with every layout! The gold one is especially beautiful.

So here's how it looked mid-way:

And here's the finished layout:

This page came together very quickly. I used a few stickers from the Neapolitan sticker sheet and sticker book, added a tag, a tab and a jagged edged circle die-cut from my stash and that was it!

 So I hope you're inspired now to go back to your stash and use some of those not-so-new-but-still-lovely papers!
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May 26, 2013


So who doesn't have pieces from this older Dear Lizzy collection in their stash? It was a beautiful collection, full of soft and feminine colors. I, for one, bought quite a few items. So for a while now they've been sitting deep in my pp stash, covered by all the other great paper from two newer Dear Lizzy collections, and many others. There's no lack of things to love and buy in this hobby, that's for sure! But I really wanted to use them. I still really love them, and I wanted to finally put those papers in my album. So I picked a few that I liked to leave whole, and cut everything else to smaller pieces.
Here's the finished layout:

That paper with the polaroid frames is the cutest thing, and although I've seen some scrapbookers use it whole as a 12*12 sheet to make really beautiful pages, I love to cut it to smaller pieces.
Everything else on the page was bits and pieces I had left over.
Those cute resin stars are actually Freckled fawn from Studio Calico's May kit. I wasn't planning on using them, but they were sitting on my desk, and when I put the page together they seemed to match perfectly. I read this funny thread over at the SC message board. Apparently you're supposed to glue them the other way around, but I thought the other side was a bit boring, and I love the texture from the rougher side (which is made that way to adhere better to the paper, oh, well).

I took this funny angled photo to capture the effect I got from using a Gelly Roll pen in Clear Star. I love that pen, it's creates the most subtle shimmery effect, that looks gorgeous in real life (as in, not through the camera lens). I really should get more of those pens... Anyway, I lined with it pretty much everything on the page, and it looks really pretty.

May 24, 2013


Sometimes (extreme) simplicity is good. Did I just write that? About a scrapbook page? The relatively cold temperatures we're having must be doing something to my brain... A month ago I flew to London for an incredible weekend with my best friend. We left our husbands and kids and met there, just the two of us. Oh, and did I forget to mention that London is my favorite city in the whole world? Well, it is. I've been there too many times to count, and it's never enough. Every time I go, I always come back wanting more. And more. This time there was an added dimension. People actually spoke a language I understand. English! I love English!

**small reminder, I'm currently living in Austria. German German German all around. I'm learning, but it's still challenging to understand what the people are saying... Especially when they speak in dialect. Oh, yeah. Apparently it is not enough for the Austrians to speak German, they feel compelled to change it further. To the point that it is sometimes unrecognizable. Well, to me, anyway.**

So one of the things we did, which I have never done before in all my visits, was take a guided walking tour in east London. I've taken many walking tours, I think it's the best way to get to know a city (and you learn more than you probably would if you were just wandering around yourself, which I also love to do), but this one was about street art.
Here's a link to the company that offers these tours: Alternative London Tours. The tour was great and we saw some really cool (and free!) art. Which obviously led to some cool pictures. So I had these 6 that I wanted to scrap. I thought I'd do a double page layout. I knew I wanted the photos to be the absolute center of the page. But even I didn't expect this to come together so fast and so easily.
I found for the background these pp from SC Classic Calico, and they just fit. They had this urban feel to them, perfection! I also knew I wanted to cut the title with my Silhouette, and I knew I wanted to combine some sketching. So I started with drawing the title, or more correctly, the sketch pen drew the title. I left the paper in the Silhouette (if you take it out at this stage the cutting will not be accurate), and switched to the cutting blade. I deleted everything except the outer line, and cut. Then I cut a slightly bigger shape (using the offset function in the Silhouette Studio software) with black cardstock to create a shadow for some dimension. I took a thin strip of this SC patterned paper from the Snippets collection to ground the title and make it pop a bit more.
Whatever you're scrapbooking, I think such a title is a great addition to any page. I actually planned on coloring it, but when I saw it with the rest of the page I thought it was really unnecessary. 

 More London recommendations and layouts to come!
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May 22, 2013


My number one recommendation for this task, is to watch Shimelle's series at 2peas called "4*6 Photo Love" from 2011. There are so many ideas there on how to scrapbook lots of photos.
So I took the concept from month #8, 8 photos.
When I saw these photos, I knew it was time to dig into my My Mind's Eye stash. I could have gone modern, but I decided to embrace the whole look of the costumes in the photos and go for a more vintage look. Out came all my MME papers and brads. I also have a couple of the die cuts sheets from the Nostalgia collection, but I have to say nowadays this is not really my style anymore. Having said that, I might have purchased more than a few items from MME's newest collections. Oops.
I cut some flowers from POW paper with my silhouette. That glitter paper is awesome for cutting. It can handle intricate cuts without a problem, and it doesn't rip. If you're too intmidated to try such cuts, try them with pow paper (I adjust my blade to 7 or even 8 with some colors, I found some are a bit thicker than others).
This is the main page- the title stays visible when you add the other pages.

And the two smaller pages (put in a 12*12 page protector that was cut to size):

And this is how it looks in the page protectors:

May 20, 2013

Silhouette Sketch Pens

I really love these pens. I do have a couple that didn't last very long, but these little pens are so pretty (the metallic ones especially...)! I really like all the things you can do with them, add pretty sketches to your pages, in whatever color and size that suits your design. Write in whatever language you want (a big plus for me, since I journal in English, Hebrew, and every now and then the occasional German word...), make titles, journaling, well, you get the pic.
So here are a couple of things I did with my sketch pens. Oh, and after a small accident, I started taping the tops of the pens. One time the top just popped out while the pen was in use, and I didn't want to take the chance of that happening again. It could very well be that it was just the one.
Here's the Silhouette in action:

The finished sketch:

I painted the frame with some Copic markers, cut the inside part out with a craft knife, added a few embellishments, and here's the finished page (another pic from the children museum in Vienna, another pic of one of us being silly):

and a close up:

Here's another sketch, I buy them all from the Silhouette online store:

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May 18, 2013

Easy Layout using Studio Calico Snippets Collection

I really wanted to tell this story, and used some cute pics I had of my daughter. It's just basically about how I've watched "Dirty Dancing" with my mom, grandma, and then with my daughter that day. She's really young, and didn't understand anything that was going on in the movie, but she loves music, and loves to dance, so she wanted to recreate the dance scenes later. But the point was, how much she wanted to watch the movie, only because I told her I really love it. So that's what this page is all about. I only had those kinda bad quality pics, so I printed them in black and white, and used those gorgeous SC papers pretty much as background and decoration in that page. I like the clean look, and how the story is the focus of that page.

May 16, 2013

Scrapbooking 12*12 using (almost only) 6*6 papers

I love the latest collections from Amy Tan and Dear Lizzy, Yes Please and Lucky Charm (who doesn't, right?).  So I bought the 6*6 pads, and a few of the 12*12. The first layout I scraplifted from Shimelle Laine, I'm sorry that I don't remember exactly in which video it was (just watch them all!).
The first one is actually made from the Glitz Uncharted Waters 6*6 paper pad. Very simple idea, just choose 4 papers you like, preferably one with a multi colored pattern, and 3 more that read like a sold (that means have a small repeating pattern with different shades of the same color). Add a bit washi tape, and that cute die cut also from Glitz, and you're done!

For this LO I used the Yes Please 6*6 paper pad. The background paper is from my stash, I wanted something neutral, that wouldn't take the attention away from the papers and, of course, the photos. I used a couple of stickers from this really cute KI Memories sticker sheet, and that lovely camera sticker I've been hoarding (saving, collecting, guarding?) from an older Dear Lizzy sticker sheet. Sorry that the page is a not very straight in the photo, I painted and distressed the edges a bit, and adhered that painted background paper to white cardstock.

For this last one I knew  wanted to use that cute envelope paper from Lucky Charm. It had the same colors as the pillows in the photo. I used that beautiful distressed red 12*12 paper, also from Lucky Charm. Added a few stickers, some wood veneer cameras and that's it.

 I love using 6*6 pads, the patterns are scaled down, and are really easy and fun to use. I have plenty more paper to use, so more LO on the way!
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May 14, 2013

Scrapbooking with Yes, Please

I bought quite a few items of the Amy Tan Yes Please collection, it has colors and patterns that I love, and that seem to go well with pretty much every type of photo I have. But those pinks, greys and blues, usually make me want to put some cute photo of my daughter (and I have plenty of those!).
This one was very simple and fast. I misted the background paper with some pink mist (using a stencil), covering the edges to keep the misted area only in the center. I took a patterned paper from the 6*6 pad and sewed it to the background with a zig zag stitch. A few die cuts and three SC butterfly stickers (I'm sadly running out of those, used them everywhere) and done!

Another fast and simple one, somehow these beautiful papers just make me not want to fuss with them! I think everything in that layout is from Yes Please, besides that black and white border, which is from a SC paper. There's also mostly paper and stickers. Just a few enamel dots, but I just liked the way it looked, even if it was a bit flatter than my usual pages.  

And here are a few more LO using mostly Yes, Please: