July 2, 2014

Using a Stamp and Distress Inks to Create a Background+ Process Video

I'm doing my best trying to keep the blog updated with my YouTube channel, but unfortunately it's not happening... I've uploaded over 10 process videos to YT, that didn't make it to the blog.
I hope.
So if you like to see what's going on in my scrappy world, my YT channel is the best place at the moment.
I just got back from a lovely vacation in France (and a little taste of Italy and Switzerland on the way there and back), and so I'm trying to get back into the scrapbooking groove, while fighting the demons, or as some people might call them, huge piles of laundry.
I did manage in between to edit and upload a video. I made this page a couple of months ago, and though I admit it's not my all time favorite, I love how the background turned out. Distress inks are just one of those super fun versatile products.
Here's the page-

  I used the camera stamp from the Amy Tan Plus One stamp set. I love the size of it for backgrounds. There's a also a clear stamp set from that collection, and there's the same camera there, just smaller, in a size that is perfect for using it as an embellishment.
I used shades of pink and orange, that go really well with the Amy Tan papers and stickers.

I love using project life cards as layers behind my photo. So much choice, and there's just ready to go!

Quick tip about stamping here, the longer you wait after you stamp, the harder it's gonna be to move that ink around. There's no right or wrong here, just know that so you can get the result you want. If you're looking for a messier watercolor look, go over the image immediately after stamping with some water (for this you really don't need a lot), and pull the ink to where you want it. Because it's not dry yet, it will move better. For a subtler look, let it dry a little bit, and then come in with the water.
Here's the video-

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Irit, I like how you used the creamy background. I think it looks great!

    I love Mexican food too. My husband doesn't like Taco Bell, so once in awhile I go through the drive through for a treat. :-)