January 20, 2014

January's Focus- Mists and a Straw

I've seen this technique a while ago, so I guess it's an oldie but a goodie. Here's a great tutorial from the Simon Says Stamp blog, showing how to use a straw to blow ink and create a bit of a wild look. This is an unpredictable technique, but you can create really fun backgrounds for cards or scrapbook pages with it.

I wasn't sure which colors I should use, so I actually did this a little bit backwards. I found a few fabric brads that I wanted to use, and then matched the spray inks to the colors of the brads. Here are the ones I used-

Someone with more patience or perfectionism would have probably measured where to put each color. I just eyeballed it. I started from the middle and went sideways.

I used the other tip of the nozzle (the one that is in the bottle) to apply the mist (just open the bottle and dab some drops where you'd like to start the burst) to the paper. It takes a few drops, because you need enough mist. You have to be quite fast, otherwise the mist will soak into the paper. Apply the drops and blow with a straw (you have to get really close to the ink with the straw) in the wanted direction. Another important tip is to let the mist dry before starting the next color, otherwise the colors will mix and blend (unless you want them too, and then just go for it).

And here's the finished page-

I chose a grey patterned paper to frame the page, so that all those colors would really pop. Those dimensional stickers are Amy Tangerine from the Yes, please collection, and they really fit the mists.

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