May 24, 2013


Sometimes (extreme) simplicity is good. Did I just write that? About a scrapbook page? The relatively cold temperatures we're having must be doing something to my brain... A month ago I flew to London for an incredible weekend with my best friend. We left our husbands and kids and met there, just the two of us. Oh, and did I forget to mention that London is my favorite city in the whole world? Well, it is. I've been there too many times to count, and it's never enough. Every time I go, I always come back wanting more. And more. This time there was an added dimension. People actually spoke a language I understand. English! I love English!

**small reminder, I'm currently living in Austria. German German German all around. I'm learning, but it's still challenging to understand what the people are saying... Especially when they speak in dialect. Oh, yeah. Apparently it is not enough for the Austrians to speak German, they feel compelled to change it further. To the point that it is sometimes unrecognizable. Well, to me, anyway.**

So one of the things we did, which I have never done before in all my visits, was take a guided walking tour in east London. I've taken many walking tours, I think it's the best way to get to know a city (and you learn more than you probably would if you were just wandering around yourself, which I also love to do), but this one was about street art.
Here's a link to the company that offers these tours: Alternative London Tours. The tour was great and we saw some really cool (and free!) art. Which obviously led to some cool pictures. So I had these 6 that I wanted to scrap. I thought I'd do a double page layout. I knew I wanted the photos to be the absolute center of the page. But even I didn't expect this to come together so fast and so easily.
I found for the background these pp from SC Classic Calico, and they just fit. They had this urban feel to them, perfection! I also knew I wanted to cut the title with my Silhouette, and I knew I wanted to combine some sketching. So I started with drawing the title, or more correctly, the sketch pen drew the title. I left the paper in the Silhouette (if you take it out at this stage the cutting will not be accurate), and switched to the cutting blade. I deleted everything except the outer line, and cut. Then I cut a slightly bigger shape (using the offset function in the Silhouette Studio software) with black cardstock to create a shadow for some dimension. I took a thin strip of this SC patterned paper from the Snippets collection to ground the title and make it pop a bit more.
Whatever you're scrapbooking, I think such a title is a great addition to any page. I actually planned on coloring it, but when I saw it with the rest of the page I thought it was really unnecessary. 

 More London recommendations and layouts to come!
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  1. היי, ראיתי את הלינק בפורום כרטיסים
    זה יפהפה!! ממש ממש אהבתי :)