February 23, 2017

Watercolor Workbook- New Online Class!!

It's finally here! After weeks and weeks of working during any spare moment I got, the class is finished and ready to go!! 
It's now on sale for an introductory price of 38$ until March 2nd. The full price of the class is 45$. This class is full of great exercises, we'll be playing with watercolors and learning as we play.

The class promo video-

In this video I talk about the class and my motivation behind creating it. I will be posting another Q&A video very soon, including a fabulous giveaway!

Thanks for visiting and hope to see you in class!


  1. How exciting! Every thing looks so beautiful!!!

  2. I love all the bright colors! Would love to win a spot in class. You are so talented!💕

  3. Irit,
    I am in the class and have watched the swatches videos. I am getting ready to do some stamping to play around with the colors I am using,Kuretake, is the brand. I just turned the box upside down and dumped all the pans of colors on the floor. Thankfully the pans are numbered on the bottom. I do like the class, and unlike other classes where I only watch, I have actually started painting!
    Thank you,

  4. Hi Irit!

    I have a problem: I enrolled your class last week, but i didn't get the "early bird" discount... :( My account was debited 45 USD instead of 38, do you have any idea why?

    But other than that, the class is great so far! I'm loving all the colour and fun! :)


  5. Hi Julie! I've written you an email in response. If you haven't received it please email me at iritlandgraf at gmail.com

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