February 15, 2017

Watercolor Thoughts

As I'm putting the finishing touches on my new soon to be released class Watercolor Workbook, I find myself thinking about the why behind this class. 
This will be my 7th class (not counting the free mini class and the hundreds of video tutorials on YouTube), and it is nothing like the ones I've done before.

However, since I created all those other classes, there are some similarities. I create classes I would like to take myself. 
I like my classes to be technique based. Those techniques are like tools in my tool box, always available when I want to create something. 
I'm a big fan of showing something from start to finish. All my classes until now have been based on showing the process of creating a scrapbook layout from start to finish. As someone who struggles with following through, I want to have something finished (or almost finished) to show for it. Especially when it comes to playing with watercolors. I have so many piles of papers of just paint blobs, from doing exercises or trying to paint something... Some are finished. Most are not. Some look like they could be something, many look like... well, paint blobs. 
I wanted to come up with a project that will get people painting, and give them satisfying results. I wanted a fun, non threatening, non intimidating way of approaching watercolors, playing with them, and not be frustrated with disappointing results. 

I believe that in order to be good in anything, one must put in the time and effort. However, I know many people want to paint as their therapy, as a creative outlet, as a hobby. They either can't, or don't want to practice and practice, sketch, plan, and do all those things that are important for improving skills. They just want to paint when they have a bit time. And it was this place exactly that was lacking, in my opinion, and from my personal experience, and that's why I created this class.

Also, watercolors are so pretty and I want everyone to enjoy them!

Here's some more chatting about it-


  1. Hi, Irit, I enjoy your videos and have taken a couple of your classes. I'm getting into watercolor and want to slowly buy a few good brushes. I read that sable brushes are the best. In your opinion, are they the best? Do you have a brand you prefer? Which shapes and sizes of brushes would you buy first? I don't want to waste my money just because I don't know what I should start out with. I have many cheap brushes, but want to slowly get a few good ones. (I'm thinking of playing around in a journal for now, about 6 x 9 inches, if that helps you think about brush size.) Thank you for your input.

    Denise in US

  2. Hi Denise!
    Sable brushes are considered top of the line, but since they come from animals they cost more than synthetic brushes, and there are some great options there that are really affordable.
    My most used brushes are my round ones. No. 10 is my work horse and no. 4 for details. I like the Neptune brushes as well as the Escoda synthetico. I'm currently on vacation but I'll write the exact details of my favorites right now as soon as I'm home, in a couple of days. Hope this helps and thx for your support!

  3. I like the Escoda Versatil #10
    Princeton Neptune (I have a #8 I use often but a #10 would probably be even more useful for my style, and a #4 for details)
    Escoda Perla #10 is also nice, but holds a little less water than the other two. Hope that helps!