November 15, 2016

Watercolor 101 #2- Favorite Yellows

Hey! I'm back with another video in my watercolor series. If you think I have a master plan, I'm sorry to disappoint ;) In this series I just want to share my favorite experiences with this wonderful medium.

I don't mean to enable you to go and buy everything I mention, I really think it is more than enough to have a few colors, a brush, paper and water to get things going and have lots of fun.

I would like to share my favorite colors in each color group, so in case you're in search of some paint, or want something new to try, maybe this will help to narrow down your choices. So here are my favorite yellows (at the moment)-

You don't need 5 yellows in your palette. A great versatile palette would have a cold (blue-biased) yellow, and a warm (red-biased) yellow. But please remember your palette needs to fit your needs. Maybe you hate lemon yellow and never want to use it. Remember it would be useful to have lemon yellow if you want to mix bright greens, or any green... or dull down a purple. But again, your palette, your call!

So if I had to choose two, I would probably stick to my two Sennelier yellows, on the left in the photo. Lemon Yellow and Yellow Light. They are both luminous, transparent yellows. I prefer my watercolors to be transparent.
My choice for a deep earthy yellow is Daniel Smith Nickel Azo Yellow. Gorgeous paint. Love it in foliage or fall landscapes. 

My happy yellow is Daniel Smith New Gamboge. It is a very orange yellow, and a touch of it brings light to any flower or scene. 

And last, but not least, another one of those magical colors. Daniel Smith Quinacridone Gold. This is a beautiful more neutral yellow. It is great for mixing more muted, not so bright greens (New Gamboge and the two Sennelier yellows are brighter)  and oranges.

The Daniel Smith paint is made of PO49, whereas most other brands use a mixture of pigments. I happen to have the Qor Quin. Gold, it came in the high chroma set, and while there might be a difference (the Daniel Smith one seems more luminous, but I could be imagining...), I love the way the Qor paint flows and spreads.
Watch the video for some chatting about these lovelies-

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