November 4, 2016

Art Journal- Golden High Flow Transparent Acrylic Paint

Hi there! I've had this gorgeous set of Golden paints land on my craft desk yesterday, and I had to play and see how the colors look and behave! I got mine from Blitsy, where I often find good deals on art supplies (their brushes section is also great).
**Here's the link for these on**
Beware that they work with different suppliers, and I have had 2 incidences already that items I ordered turned out to be not available. I was promptly refunded, but with shipping costs, sometimes even if one item is not available, it would be nice to have the option to cancel the order (though I haven't tried contacting them with this issue, so there might still be that option). OK, back to the paints. Here's what I created-

I started with just spreading color after I sprayed some water on my gessoed surface. Since I wanted to move the paint with my fingers, I used a barrier cream from Winsor & Newton called Artguard.

The art journal I'm using is one I got at my local art supplies store. It has a really porous paper and has to be primed with gesso. I picked it up because of the binding, the signatures are stitched, and it lies down flat nicely.

After my first layers were dry I added more paint with a brush. I use cheap brushes for my acrylic paints (because I can't be bothered to properly clean them...). 

Final touches were added with a white Uni Ball Signo broad pen, and this platinum Carbon pen, which I'm in love with!  
Here's the video-

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