January 14, 2015

CHA 2015 Favorites! Part 1

Hi! It's CHA season! I love this time of year, where I get to see all the new and exciting things that will come out in the next months. When it comes to paper and embellishments, I've seen lots of cute stuff, but nothing too new or exciting. In 2015 I want to use up my stash (that's like saying nothing, right? We all ALWAYS want that...), and try to keep my shopping to a minimum. When it comes to paper and embellishments that is... Tools and inks are a totally different matter! 
I decided to divide my picks into two parts, and the first one is the more exciting for me personally, and in it I'll be focusing on mixed media products, tools, inks, paints and that sort of goodness. Part 2 will be dedicated to my favorite collections. So, let's get started! In no particular order...

New Distress Color!!
I am a huge fan of distress products, so I'm really happy to see new colors. I like the brighter ones, as it fits my style, which made me totally happy to see the first color for 2015- Cracked Pistachio. In 2015 Ranger will be introducing a new color each month. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a purply pink. Or a pinkish purple. Something Radiant Orchid like... Anyway, Here's the new color in all its glory-

New Gelatos!!
I LOVE Faber Castell's Gelatos, and I can't wait to get my hands on some of the new ones. There are a few different sets in different sizes, I haven't figured out yet if all the colors are new, or if there are some repeats, but I will be looking into that ASAP. Love the bright ones!

I'll have everything please!!

Ranger's and Dina Wakley's Mixed Media Fine Tip Applicator

This looks just awesome. I'll have one for each of my Dina Wakley paints, thank you.

Dylusions Paint
Is that right? I don't need more paint? That is correct. HOWEVER... What I found interesting about the Dylusions paint, is that according to Dyan Reaveley it has all the qualities she needs, it dries super fast, is quite liquid, so really easy to apply also without water, and my biggest attraction, it's meant to work with her Dylusions sprays. I find this really interesting, and for that reason alone I will try these paints out. Most acrylic paints don't really work with sprays, from my experience, as the sprays turn more pale and pastel. Dyan Reaveley is all about bright color, so I'm really looking forward to seeing how bright colored mists behave on her paint. I'll be checking it out as soon as I get my hands on some. Which colors will I be getting? The pink, lime and turquoise for sure!!

Hero Arts Ombre Ink Pads. Whhhhhaaaatt???
I am super curious about these inks. I can't wait to try them out!

I'll be back later this week with part 2! Thanks for visiting!

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