October 22, 2014

Techniques Using Gelatos- Hip Kit Club October Kits +Video

Hi everyone! For today's post I prepared something different from my usual layout. I made a video showing you some techniques you can use with Faber Castell's Gelatos. Here's what I played with-

Almost all of these supplies are from the October and September Hip Kit Club kits.
You can see everything in the videos-
Part 1

Part 2

Here are some still photos, for a quick reference.

This is what happens when I use gelatos directly on paper that has not been primed with gesso- Big mess. Somehow when Wilna Furstenberg does it, it looks amazing, but for me it just doesn't. You can see the lines where I applied the gelato, and the paper starts to fall apart when I try to blend it with a baby wipe or water. Conclusion- Big no no for me.

This is how I like to use gelatos with cardstock/patterned paper that has not been primed with gesso- I use some packaging to apply the gelato, you can see exactly how in the video. You get this beautiful watercolor look. Love this look.

And now we move to using gesso. Gesso is a primer and it protects the paper, as well as prepares the surface for paint. The paint looks brighter and you need less of it because it doesn't sink into the paper. When you've primed your paper with gesso, you can apply the gelato directly to your paper, and it will still blend and move beautifully. With your fingers or with lots of water. I used here a spray bottle, the paint just starts to move and run, and you get a beautiful more bold watercolor look.

You can also stamp with gelatos. Apply them directly to your stamps (you can use more than one color of course!), larger stamps without tiny details will work better
here. Spritz some water on the stamp and stamp away. The look you get it more of a watercolor look, it won't be perfect.

Since gelatos are not permanent, you can also remove them easily, when you've applied gesso to your surface first. Here's an example- I did some stamping with water proof ink, I used My Favorite Things' hybrid ink and Elle's Studio Sycamore lane stamp set.
I applied gesso directly to the paper, and added some water, letting the colors run. Then let it dry. Next take a stencil, and with a wet baby wipe, rub over the stencil. The gelatos will be removed. And you'll get this pretty look-

You can also use gelatos to color mediums like gel medium (matte or glossy), texture/molding/modeling paste or gesso.
In one of my layouts using October's Hip Kit I colored Ranger's Texture Paste with my gelatos. Here's a close up at how that looked (click here to see the process video for this layout)-

Here I colored some matte gel with gelatos, and used My Favorite Things' star stencils to apply it. When the gelatos are mixed with gel medium, after it's dry, it will be permanent. In the example here I added more gelatos on top of it. But if I took a wet baby wipe and rubbed it on this, the stars would stay the same (they are the matte gel part), and the background will go back to white (it was primed with gesso===> the gelatos can be removed from it).

You can also color texture paste once it's dry. I used a stencil and texture paste on top of gesso covered cardstock and let it dry. I then added gelatos in metallic mint and silver on top of it. Texture paste is absorbent, unlike gesso, so the gelato will settle better into it. You can add some water to help you spread the color around, or use your fingers.

For the last example I used cardstock without gesso. I colored my gesso with gelatos (just mix them before applying the gesso), and used a stencil to apply the gesso. This will give you messy results, especially if your gesso is more on the liquid/fluid side (as opposed to more heavy body gesso). Here I got a peachy shade (I mixed Mango, Guava and Metallic Melon), and I also threw in some glitter. Then I also did some stamping and embossing with white embossing powder. Last stage was to apply the gelatos, and since my surface was not primed with gesso, I used packaging and a little bit of water to apply the gelatos. Using a paper towel, the gelatos are easily removed from the embossed areas, as well as the gesso-ed ones. 

Here are some layouts I've made using gelatos-

The next two were made at a workshop Wilna Furstenberg taught, and are lifted from her designs.

This next layout is very much inspired and quite lifted by another Wilna layout, this time from her online Art class-

And the last one was inspired by that same art class.

So I hope you'll feel more comfortable to use your gelatos now! If you have any questions, please leave me a comment and I'll do my best to answer.
Thx for visiting!


  1. Hi Irit,
    Thank you so much for the informative videos and posts.

    What is the difference between texture paste and modeling paste?

    I love your layouts and process videos too!!!


    1. Thx cheryle! They are the same, though different brands have different consistency, as well as different kinds, like light molding modeling or texture paste, heavy, rougher, smoother, elastic etc. Hope that helps!