August 7, 2014

Small But Exciting Haul

Can we agree that every scrapbooker has weaknesses? (Noticed how I used the plural there?;)) One of mine are watercolors. I can't get enough of them. So when I saw this set I had to have it. It was calling my name. It really was. 

And as you can see, a stamp set and an ink pad jumped into my cart as well. Naughty naughty. So, the watercolors. 
The packaging is beautiful, and makes it super easy to use and to put away. A definite plus. There's a chart on the lid, where you can make a sample. Very important when working with watercolors, since the colors look very different in the pan and on paper.

 Aren't they pretty??

Disadvantages- the price. Definitely. These will set you back 50 something bucks. They are. however, quite pigmented, and buttery, and lovely to work with. Here's a sneak-

I am hoping to write a post comparing a few of the watercolors I own, hopefully it will be helpful to decide which ones are more suitable to one's needs.
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