January 3, 2014

12*12 Layouts with 3*4 Project Life cards- The Sunshine Edition

As I have written before, I do not do the traditional PL, but I do own a couple of core kits, and I have used them on divided page protectors, and also on many 12*12 pages. I love how easy it is to add pattern and interest to a page, without having to cut into a 12*12 paper. This also works well for me, since I have already way too many scraps, and I'm trying to use them up (with some success...).
A few months ago I got the sunshine edition, and I just love how whimsical and colorful it is. My other core kit is the Midnight edition, monochromatic with a little yellow, so it was nice to have some more options and variety.
Here's the finished layout:

With these fun cards, you really don't need a lot more. I had some cute flowers from Sassafra Lass that went well with all that green. Super simple and quick.

I think that floral in white and light blue is one of my favorites, because it ended up on another layout:

I love color, and I love finding interesting color schemes. Here I think the combination of all those greys and light blue really make the photos pop and seem warm.

The photos are just random ones I took while on vacation in London (which is my favorite city in the world, by far) with my best friend. It was a really cool weekend, because I've been many times to London, but this was the second time I was there with my best friend. The first time was 15 years before, when we were just 18. Oh how things change, and somehow stay the same. We had the best time, only now we had kids and husbands waiting for us at home.
Anyway, the photos- I always have to try the best looking chocolate cake wherever I am, and the top photo is the poster for a great exhibition we saw at the National Portrait Gallery.

If you want to just whip up a fast layout, I highly recommend trying to use PL cards.
Have a great weekend and a joyous 2014!


  1. Beautiful layouts, love how you used the PL cards, they add the perfect amount of color and contrast!

  2. Love how you used the PL cards! I never think to cut them. I really like how you cut that one phrase into a banner. I'll have to try this on a 12x12!

  3. So nice! Love the use of the cards!

  4. I love the vibrant colors! The use of the PL cards is very inspiring.

  5. I love how you used the PL cards!