December 31, 2013

My Favorite Online Classes 2013- Part 3

So last, but definitely not least, in my top 3 classes for 2013, are really two classes, but the second one is actually just more of the first one. If you've followed my blog a bit, you can probably guess that I'm talking about Wilna Furstenberg's Art Class and Art Class 2 at 2 Peas in a Bucket.
In February this year Art Class was released, I watched all videos (10!! of them, with two extra bonus videos added later in the year), and watched in wonder Wilna creating no less than 50 layouts. Art Class 2 was just as wonderful, with 50 more layouts to admire and be inspired by.
Shimelle Laine makes me want to scrap.
Ali Edwards makes me think about what I scrap.
And Wilna? Wilna just makes me happy.
Happy to play with paint, watercolors, gelatos, pretty papers and embellishments, and just feel a bit artsy and creative.
I've always been drawn to drawing and painting as a child and a teenager, but after I graduated high school and decided to study medicine, all hobbies got pushed aside. Then I started working in a hospital, then I had a baby, and my free time was virtually non existent. But in the last couple of years because of our move to Austria, I haven't been able to work, I have to be practically fluent in German first, not a simple task, and get my diploma recognized in Austria, a very lengthy and complicated procedure. That led to having more free time, which led to discovering again crafts in general, but mostly scrapbooking in particular. Taking Wilna's classes and learning these fun light mixed media techniques brought into my scrapbooking what is for me the perfect combination between creativity and memory keeping. I doubt I would hang on a wall a piece of white cardstock with gelatos and some embellishments, but together with the photos and the stories, it's the perfect "art piece" for me. And the process is just pure happiness, and practically therapeutic.
I've already shared many of the pages I created inspired by or just plain scraplifted from both classes (like here, here, here and here), but I managed to find a new layout to show here-

I got a few Martha Stewart paints last time I visited the US, and I really wanted to try them out, and see the colors. So I thought, what better way than to try it Wilna style? Took them all, and used roller stamps from Glitz (one is shown below, love those!!) to spread them around and create the background for this page.

 Here are a few close-ups:

In October this year, I was lucky to attend a weekend of workshops in Germany, and one of the teachers was Wilna. It was really great to meet the person behind the classes and the videos, and she was such a great teacher also in the non virtual world. You can just feel how much she loves all things art and scrapbooking. I'm so happy I got to meet her and her lovely good friend Annelie.

So that's it for 2013, I wrote these last three posts because I really wanted to acknowledge the women that inspired me the most this year. I hope they continue to do so in 2014!
Thanks for visiting and happy new year! May 2014 bring you joy, good health and happiness!


  1. Wonderful post and layout, love all the texture and color you apply to your pages! Wishing you all the best in 2014! :)

  2. This layout is wonderful. I adore Wilna too. Happy New Year.

  3. כל כך נהנית מהבלוג שלך!!
    שתדעי שגם את מקור רציני להשראה :)

    ובבקשה, בבקשה תפטרי את ההוא שחושד שאני רובוט - נשבעת שאני לא :)

  4. Thanks everyone!
    Happy new year to all of you!

    ורק בשמחה- את נותנת לי הרבה יותר מדי קרדיט!
    הוא לא עובד בשבילי, אני עובדת בשבילו!!
    מעבר לזה שאני מאותגרת טכנולוגית, המטרה של ההוא היא לא לתת לספמרים וכל מיני תוכנות קרציות לכתוב הודעות. אני גם מגיבה בכל מיני בלוגים וכמעט בכולם יש משהו דומה... אז עמך הסליחה:)
    ואני כ"כ שמחה לשמוע שאת נהנית! מקווה להמשיך גם השנה עם בלוג פעיל:)

  5. you are showing beautiful layouts, color schemes and textures through your effective online art classes. wish you good luck!