October 9, 2013

Scrap More- The Rainbow Series- Part 2

More rainbow!
I do want to mention, that as much as I love the effect, the pages I'm sharing in this series are for different albums, and from different events and time. Pages with rainbow colors are lovely, but if you put lots of them next to each other in an album, I think they lose their effect. It's too much of a good thing, in my opinion anyway. If you're scrapbooking chronologically, you might want to put a few pages between each rainbow inspired layout you make.
So for this layout, I went to my ink drawer. I do use inks, for stamping of course, but also for customizing embellishments, such as wood veneer or chipboard pieces. I guess that like most of us, some inks get used more and some less. For me the pink and brown ones are probably the most used inks, but I own inks in all colors.
When you have a substantial stash, you can't use everything all the time. Maybe some people can, but when I try I get one big mess. I can't use inks, mists, markers, patterned paper and lots of embellishments all together. I guess for me I would break it down into two major categories- pages with patterned papers, and pages with mediums (inks, mists, markers, acrylic paint, watercolor, molding paste etc.) Of course I also mix, but I find that I either have a lot of patterned paper (and few mediums) or a lot of mediums and few papers.
Anyway, here's a great way to use your stamps and inks. Choose your colors (of course you could also go with less colors, or even monochromatic): 

Choose one stamp per color and just stamp away! You could also stamp horizontally, or diagonally. I chose stamps that had some pattern to them, so not just an outline, to really let those colors pop.

And here's the finished layout:

It's hard to tell in the photo, but I cut down the white cardstock to about 11.5*11.5 inches, and matted it on a 12*12 vellum. I just love how that looks!
This page is about my daughter's favorite stuffed animal, how she got it and what she thinks he does in his spare time... I think she'll love to read this when she's older.
Here are some close-ups:

And here's another example of what you can do with just ink and in this case, one stamp:

This is an older layout, It's made with Hero Arts shadow inks (the older ones, not the mid-tone)

in all their glory.
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  1. Beautiful page, and what a great memory for your daughter to look back on!

  2. LOVE these layouts. So beautiful!!

  3. Wow...such crisp clear stamping. Love the rainbow of color!

  4. Great uses for those ink pads, love the layouts!

  5. Love! great work with the different inks - just inspiring me to get more ink pads :)