October 24, 2013

Scrap More- The Beloved Die Cut

As I've written in recent posts, I'm really trying to use my stash. I usually have my fixed order, photos, papers (though recently I've been starting with papers quite a lot), embellishments etc. This time I say- try to start from that die cut you've been wanting to use, but never do.
For me, one example was that flower die cut from the Dear Lizzy collection Lucky Charm. I really liked it, and tried to use it in many other projects, but because I started from the paper and/or the photos, it was hard to find the right place for it.

So I started from the die cut. I chose white cardstock as my background, but still wanted some color. Since the die cut was from Lucky Charm, I looked at the other items I had from the collection, and that patterned paper with the color blocks was a perfect fit (I used half of the 12*12).
This is one of my favorite pictures of my daughter, so I really wanted it to be the center of the page, without too many other elements. I thought that Lovely chipboard sticker was a great title, also from the Lucky Charm collection.

Here's the finished layout-

So then I had that other half of that great patterned paper from Lucky Charm. And that chipboard stickers sheet lying on my desk. And here's another way to approach your page. Look at your supplies (that one or two items lying on your desk, from the previous layout for example), and think about which photo would work with it. I immediately thought of this picture of my daughter at a playground, definitely her happy place:) And that's how another fast layout came together!

I just thought it was a funny story, we were walking around in a pretty town in Slovenia, with a pretty river and a castle on the opposite side, but what really makes a 3 year old happy is a swing in a playground, Slovenia or where ever. Which is awesome.

This is not necessarily the way I want to create all my pages now, but I do love the idea of starting with the product you most want to use, be that the 12*12 paper, 6*6 pad, die cut, ink spray, stamp set or anything else you really love in your stash. I think I wouldn't have created these two pages otherwise, and I do love how the relative few elements used here get to shine.
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  1. I'm like you and usually start with photos and paper. That's why some of my embellishments never get used! Great post on using a different starting point!

  2. Great tip on using up that one piece you've been meaning to get to. I love how you were able to pull these LO's together.