October 16, 2013

Scrap More- The Beloved Patterned Paper

I want to continue and share a few tips that help me scrap more and use more of my supplies.
I guess the biggest thing that changed in the last weeks, is that I am actually using less product than my usual dose on many of my layouts. I'll explain. I have quite a respectable stash. I don't buy as much as I would like by far, I mean the amount of beautiful things in this hobby is mind blowing, but I still have a lot.
I really love most of it (I also have some products that make me say-what was I thinking??), and I really want these products to be on pages, not in boxes and drawers.
So I started scrapping in different ways. I don't search through all my embellishments for every layout I make, to see what else could fit. I don't pick a photo and then go through all my patterned paper to see which one matches the best.
I start from the product I really want to use. I take that 12*12 paper I love/ I want to use/ I've had for way too long, and start there. I choose the photos later, and that is actually a step that is so much easier for me than I thought it would be. I really recommend trying this. The results? More pages, less products per page, but more scrapped and used in total, because this way is less time consuming, by far.
So for today's post, here's one way to scrap with a purpose:) And today's star is the 12*12 patterned paper.

Take that paper that you just love and couldn't find the right project for it, and make it the star.

I love this paper from Kesi'Art, the colors are gorgeous. I didn't know what to do with it, didn't want to cut it. So it lay there waiting. And waiting. And waiting. So at some point I said enough is enough. I decided to use it as the only paper in the layout. I used a stencil and some molding paste to create that cool dimensional chevron. I chose a photo that was very quiet, with not a lot going on, so that it doesn't have to compete with the patterned paper. It's a very random photo of me in the apartment we lived in before moving to Austria, so I took this opportunity to write a few things I loved about it. The title says (in Hebrew)- 'This is where we happily lived'. I added a few puffy stickers from Amy Tan, and that was it! I also find that drawing a frame, with a marker (here I used a black Faber Castell big brush artist pen) or a pen, really makes the page look more finished.

I'll post another layout using one of my favorite precious 12*12 patterned papers on Friday.
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  1. Fabulous use of your products. Your modeling paste work was so perfect, It thought it was paper you had cut on the silhouette and put on. Thanks for explaining your process. You are right; there are way too many pretty papers and products to chose from.

  2. I can't get over how perfect your modeling paste turned out, I thought it was rubons!! Great layout!

  3. Love all these colors and your use of modeling paste.