October 21, 2013

Scrap More- The Beloved Patterned Paper- Part 3

Autumn leaves...
I have a lot of pictures from a couple of weekends we spent in Slovenia last Autumn. I'm trying to make things easier, and I'm scrapping these pictures with a limited set of supplies. I chose a few embellishments I had, mostly from an old Crate Paper collection called Pink Plum, and I keep adding patterned paper as needed for each page I make. That already narrows down the choices considerably, since I only use papers that go with those embellishments.
I love this paper from the Sundrifter collection  by Studio Calico. The color is gorgeous, the pattern unique, and it just goes really well with all those lovely autumn colors. So I really wanted to let it stand out. In the previous posts, I used my favorite papers as the whole 12*12. But this paper was too busy, so I cut it down to about 4 inches. With the page design I used, the photos take up about 6 inches in height, which leaves a perfect 1 inch at the bottom and the top for the background paper, here a dark wood-grain. 
When you use a busier paper this way, you really don't need much else. I had those lovely chipboard pieces I wanted to use, and a couple of stickers, but that was it. I see the patterned paper as an embellishment here.

That forest in Slovenia was like out of a fairytale. Amazing. I love that my hair was so color coordinated:)
A few close-ups:

I wrote in a previous post, lately I try to use only one 12*12 paper per page (the background), and use my scraps (or 6*6 pads) for the rest. That's because I have wayyyy too many scraps. But here I did cut that lovely Studio Calico paper. So another "strategy" I'm trying out, is to use it fast. Leave it on the table, and work on something where I know I can use that particular paper. So I stayed with my Slovenia photos, and went hunting for a 12*12 paper that would work with the SC paper. I found that great notes paper by Sassafras. Again, I used a design that really lets that paper stand out. Here's the finished page-

Using those pre-chosen embellishments, made this layout come together fast. Those pictures are from this really pretty cafe we sat at. Very girly, I liked it:) Ljubljana really surprised us and turned out to be a lovely, lively classy European town.

So that left with me one last piece of paper, and luckily I had (just kidding, I still have lots of pictures to scrap from that trip...) a few more pictures from Ljubljana. I created this page-

And that's how I used that lovely SC paper. One almost too pretty to use paper, 3 layouts. I think this is a great way to showcase your favorite papers in your albums.
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  1. Beautiful layouts, love how cutting the patterned paper showcased it and made the layouts cohesive!

  2. Wow...such gorgeous pages! I love how you used a strip of that one bold pink pattern in each page, keeping them each so unique!

  3. Those are beautiful layouts and I agree, I love the colours! I love how you stretched out the use of the paper. Thanks for sharing