September 15, 2013

Using Project Life Kit on a 12*12 Layout-Part 2

A couple of days ago, I shared my super simple super fast layouts, using 3*4 cards from my Midnight PL core kit. Today I want to share two more. Now these were slightly more complicated to make.
No, not really.
For the first page you will need:
one 12*12 cardstock, I used white.
12 3*4 PL cards for the background
1 3*4 PL card with an element to cut out and repeat.

I chose to use black and white patterns for the bottom row, yellow and white for the middle, and grey for the top, but you can totally mix them however you like.
The popped-up heart below the photo is cut out from another 3*4 card.


For the second layout you will need:
1 12*12 cardstock, I chose again white.
12 3*4 PL cards
I picked 4 patterns I likes, and used 3 cards of each pattern, so a total of 12. I cut them down to 3*3, so I can create the background:

You can arrange them in any which way you choose, I just kept mine so no two identical patterns were directly next to each other.
Here's the finished page:

Of course you can add as many embellishments as you'd like, Using the 3*4 cards is just a really quick and easy way to get a pretty background. Since I have the Midnight edition, I thought I'd stay with the simple more minimalistic vibe of the kit. I can imagine you can do lots of cool fun stuff with the more colorful kits.
I added two flowers by Sassafras Lass that seem to fit perfectly, and a short title with those cute thickers. I'll probably add a little journaling on one of the cards. There's not a huge story there, just me and my daughter enjoying ourselves and having some laughs.
Here are some close-ups:

More layouts to come on my next post!
Have a great week and thanks for looking!

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