September 25, 2013

Scrapbooking a 12*12 Photo

I love working (or playing) with the 12*12 size. And when I saw there was a sale on 12*12 photo printing at Persnickety Prints a few months back, I had to take advantage of it.
I've tried more local online development services (a well known one in Germany), as well as local non virtual stores, but Persnickety is my number one choice, because of quality and price (they have 10$ flat rate for international shipping!). I do admit I don't like to wait two weeks for my photos, but in this case it is really worth it. The photos are exactly as I see them on my computer, and they have a huge variety of sizes. The webpage is not the most user friendly I have to say, but still worth it:)
I love this photo of my daughter and husband, we were up on some mountain, walking around, and she was just exhausted. A few moments after taking that photo she just fell asleep on her dad's shoulders. I love it that kids can sleep anywhere (except where they're expected to, right?)!

I kept the decorations to a minimum, and chose materials that were slightly transparent. I love these stickers by Amy Tan in the Yes, Please collection. And those camera stickers? I LOVE puffy stickers. I hope American Crafts will make them for every collection!

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