September 13, 2013

End of Summer- Time to Scrap!

So summer has come to an end here, the temperature dropped, I said goodbye to summer dresses and shoes...
This summer was very short here in Austria and VERY hot. I actually missed the hottest days (it was almost 40 degrees for like, two weeks. Very unusual here), because I was in the semi-desert (and very well air-conditioned) country of Israel, which was a bit funny.
I didn't get to scrap for quite a few weeks. My daughter had 2 months of vacation, so we were spending a lot of time together, making memories and not memory keeping, which is great too:)
So now I have more time to scrap, and have way too many products... So in the next posts, I'll share a few decisions I made, or a few ways I found to use what I have, scrap a lot more, and just enjoy myself.
And I'll start with an easy one.
Project Life core kit.
I have the Midnight edition. I love it. I love the whole feel of it, and the look you get when you use it. The pictures really pop. I used it in a few layouts with divided page protectors, but I mostly scrap 12*12, and I wanted to get that look also on my 12*12 layouts. I don't have the Midnight 12*12 patterned paper, though... So hello to some white cardstock and 3*4 cards.
Here are two simple ideas to use your 3*4 cards, no trimmer needed, for a quick clean 12*12 layout:

And some close ups on some very minimalistic details:)

OK, I cheated a bit and added enamel dots... It was just begging for it!

And layout number 2:
Grab a few 3*4 cards, and layer them in two rows. Don't think too much, just pick the ones you like, and maybe those with some phrases that fit the layout. The nice thing about doing these layouts, is that there are soooo many cards in the core kit, 10 of each design, so there are still lots of cards leftover for other pages.
Here's the finished page (time to make- as much time as it takes you to pick the cards!):

Hope you're inspired to use your PL 3*4 cards on 12*12 pages! I have some more pages to share on the next post, so stay tuned:)
Have a great weekend!


  1. I find it really interesting to see how people use PL cards on layouts. I keep wanting to but not quite having the courage.... Great inspiration, thanks for sharing :)

  2. I have often thought about doing this, great layouts.

  3. Very cool layouts, like how they are similar, but different at the same time!