June 28, 2013


Lately I might have been shopping a little bit more than creating. Well, a lot more. I have a huge and very important exam next week, and I was only notified about it a couple of weeks ago. It can determine my professional future here in Austria. So I've had to dive back in my medicine books, and, well, it's not easy.
But this is my happy place, so enough about that for now. If next Wednesday you have a moment, keep your fingers crossed for me:)
Point is, I haven't had any time for scrapbooking, but might have stolen some moments to do some shopping.
I bought some super cute washi on Etsy at this store. It arrived pretty fast from Hong Kong, and I also got a gift washi roll (cute orange yellow polka dot with pink hearts) and some cute stickers (shown in the pic)!  If you like washi check out that store, I might have already seen a few more favorites...

I don't do Project Life. Or so I thought, until I saw the new kits. I guess what I mean is that I don't do traditional PL. I really like pretty much all the kits, but they are sooo huge, that I didn't want to just buy one without being sure I could use it. And then a special project arrived. My mom gave me a bunch of pictures from pretty much the last 60 years. I didn't know how to approach this, and somehow felt that I didn't want to do my regular 12*12 pages. My supplies are completely not right for those old style papers, and mostly I wanted to get it in an album, and have room to add as much journaling as needed.
Hello Cinnamon edition.
Of all the core kits, I think it's the furthest one from my usual style and taste. It's warm, romantic, nostalgic, with subdued hues. Which made it perfect for the photos I had.
I was also pleasantly surprised to see that it had a lot of modern elements, that worked well with more current photos. Here's a few shots of the kit:

Now take a look how well it works with older photos (that baby might be me:))-

If you have old photos, the Cinnamon core kit is a great option. You can find a picture of the different cards here, at Kerri Bradford's (who designed the kit) web page.
If like me, you have lots of odd-sized pictures, I suggest buying the extra 4*6 cards.
And for myself I bought the midnight kit. Because it's amazing, and timeless. I'm in love.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for the link to the etsy shop (enabling is fine by me)!

  2. looks like the cinnamon kit was made for vintage photos!

  3. Lucky you to get all those great Vintage photos, PL seems a great way to tackle them, can't wait to see what you do with the kit.

  4. sweet goodies, thanks for the link to that store!

  5. I have never been turned on by the PL color schemes either and have sort of rebelled to the madness just b/c it became such a rage but I do like this kit. I'll have to keep my eye open for it and if the universe thinks it might be for me, it'll show up everywhere I look. love the washi too! Good luck with the studying! that is a huge feat. I'm in awe of you for doing it!